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2020 Dickerson Winners

(This list does not contain the names of those who did not grant us permission to publish their name.)

GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
KOlivia FelipeliGeodes: Can You Tell the Inside from the Outside?  
K** Do Not Display **Erupting Rainbow 
K** Do Not Display **How the heart works and how to keep it healthy 
K** Do Not Display **How the heart works and how to keep it healthy 
KSumner DavisHow Does a Chick Breathe Inside It's Shell? 
KDrew ConlanWhich Brand of Popcorn Pops Best! 
K** Do Not Display **Which Brand of Popcorn Pops Best! 
KMason  VytellWhich Brand of Popcorn Pops Best! 
KZoe SorchiniGrowing Gummy Bears 
KAsher LyonsThe Megalodon 
K** Do Not Display **Mentos Pop 
KWilliam TryonLeaching calcium from a bone. 
KLiv IantoscaWalking Water 
KAlexandra  Dundonsink or swim  
KKate Del Guidicesink or swim  
K** Do Not Display **Colorful Carnations 
K** Do Not Display **Colorful Carnations 
K** Do Not Display **Rainbow Density Tower 
K** Do Not Display **How to clean pennies. 
K** Do Not Display **How to clean pennies. 
KAaditya RaghubanshiWhy Things Float 
KCole GuerinBatman's Escape from Ice Mountain 
K** Do Not Display **Art Bots 
KJoseph Caputo The Force, of Static Electricity 
GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
1Natasha VisicaroCrazy Crystals 
1Angelina ForteCrazy Crystals 
1Christopher ChoWhat Makes Candy Sour? 
1Ella InganamortThe Effect of Light on Plant Growth 
1Henry LevineFun with Circuits 
1Alyssa  HollandFlower Girls 
1Emma CostanzaFlower Girls 
1** Do Not Display **Flower Girls 
1Eva ConstantinoMixing Colors 
1Ella BaldassanoProtect Our Water 
1Patrick  WilliamsIce Cream! 
1Gavin HaightFibers and the sounds they make 
1Brandon ShefskyThe Flower Experiment 
1** Do Not Display **Light up play dough  
1Jake PellerLight up play dough  
1Thomas McBreenThe Floating Egg 
1Michael MaciasThe Floating Egg 
1Sean KukanThe Floating Egg 
1Sawyer ThrunThe Disappearing Rainbow 
1Melanie MikosThe Disappearing Rainbow 
1Benjamin CollinsSlime Time 
1Alyssa HeinisRainbow Rain 
1Alessandra LaraccaRainbow Rain 
1** Do Not Display **Forming a cloud in a bottle 
1Christopher BlagoevForming a cloud in a bottle 
1Juliana BrunoGrowing Crystals 
1Alessandra DavidGrowing Crystals 
1Ryan TobinGrowing Crystals 
1John KourkoulakosCan plants live and grow when “watered” with juice, soda or milk instead of water? 
1James HettesheimerThe Big Tin Foil Ball Experiment 
1Elyse AumentaSink or Float 
1Grace ConnollySink or Float 
1Ethan SchlechtDensity of Regular Soda Versus Diet Soda 
1Lindsay MastrianoCrystal Creations  
1Eva DownsCrystal Creations  
1Kyle MazzaYummy Gummies 
1Tehan MadawalaYummy Gummies 
1John DavidDo dogs have a favorite smell? 
1Braeden AlessiDo dogs have a favorite smell? 
1Nikhil SalviWhat Helps Foods Last Longer? 
1Maya KovacevicDaily Activity Level Of My Cat 
1Kaydence SmithTaste Perception 
1Sylvia ManibayTaste Perception 
1Makenzie FleresHow much sugar is in that? 
1Shailen MehtaHow can light form into a rainbow? 
1** Do Not Display **Static Electricity Balloon Experiment 
1Alina Vasilevsky ArgintescuImpact of volume when freezing water 
GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
2Ian TherouxCircuits of Light  
2** Do Not Display **TBD 
2Ava DambrotTBD 
2Lilly ReltonTBD 
2Maddie VinceSlime Science 
2Berlin PajunasSlime Science 
2Ryan ClarkGrowing Gummy Bears 
2Athena MeseckHow fast molecules move 
2** Do Not Display **What is the best cookie to dunk? 
2Matthew StanleySlime 
2Benjamin SwartzRocks: A look at Gems Geodes and Crystals 
2Natalie CoughlinDo-It-Yourself DNA 
2Emma KoffordDo-It-Yourself DNA 
2Madeleine YaoDo-It-Yourself DNA 
2Harper SmithOobleck: solid, liquid or gas? 
2Adele FaganOobleck: solid, liquid or gas? 
2Mikel SweetmanIs Toilet Water Clean? 
2Haydn BensonEgg Osmosis Experiment 
2Samantha EngleseWhich liquid freezes the fastest? 
2Taylor MeltonLove the skin you’re in 
2Ava DundonLove the skin you’re in 
2Emma Del GuidiceLove the skin you’re in 
2Colin McLaughlin ErcoleWhat is an Airfoil 
2Brayden LyonsWhat is an Airfoil 
2Anthony GiacomazzaWhat is an Airfoil 
2** Do Not Display **Volcano Eruption 
2Cade CossmanVolcano Eruption 
2Jude CapogrossoFloor Is Lava 
2Drew HelmstetterTaste Perception 
2Olivia GaleaGlowing bouncy egg using osmosis 
2** Do Not Display **Invisible Ink 
2AJ Fantin FantinStar Wars Crystal Creations 
2Charlie RossStar Wars Crystal Creations 
2Mackenzie GyselmanPick a Paw, Any Paw 
2Georgia MitchellArt Bots 
2** Do Not Display **Microbes on Hands 
2Kasey TlapalaMicrobes on Hands