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2019 Dickerson Winners

(This list does not contain the names of those who did not grant us permission to publish their name.)

GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
K** Do Not Display **Launching into robotics 
K** Do Not Display **Apple Science  
KKaya McFeelyApple Science  
KChristopher ChoExploring Phototropism  
K** Do Not Display **Exploring Crystals 
KThomas McBreenExploring Crystals 
K** Do Not Display **LEGO Racers 
KEmma CostanzaVolcano Erupts 
KLuke VartanVolcano Erupts 
KShailen MehtaElectricity Glows 
KElla InganamortHow do seals stay warm in the Arctic? 
KNikhil SalviWhat Gum Did They Like The Best? 
K** Do Not Display **Time Zones (TBD) 
K** Do Not Display **Volcanos 
KBrandon ShefskyVolcano Eruption 
KRyan TobinErupting Rainbow Volcano 
K** Do Not Display **Erupting Rainbow Volcano 
KPatrick  WilliamsThe Amazing Balloon Powered Car 
KAlyssa Salvarani HollandWind power 
KZachary KhairDoes temperature help Sunflowers to grow? 
KChristopher BlagoevElectrical circuits 
KElla BaldassanoHow do Penguins Stay Warm in Icy Waters? 
KCarter GoldbergIron out your breakfast! 
K** Do Not Display **Chocolate Chip Cookie Chemistry  
KTatum GreinerChocolate Chip Cookie Chemistry  
KAlessandra LaraccaChocolate Chip Cookie Chemistry  
KJames HettesheimerFizzy Balloons 
KTehan MadawalaFizzy Balloons 
KAlessandra DavidFizzy Balloons 
K** Do Not Display **Why Planets Orbit Sun 
K** Do Not Display **Water Science  
K** Do Not Display **Comparing strengths of 3D shapes  
KMichael MaciasComparing strengths of 3D shapes  
K** Do Not Display **What causes wind? 
KLindsay MastrianoRainbow MilkyWay 
KEva DownsRainbow MilkyWay 
K** Do Not Display **Sink or Float 
KMakenzie FleresColor Mixing 
K** Do Not Display **The Sweet Marble Run 
K** Do Not Display **John's Fizzy Balloons 
KCooper DragIce melt 
GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
1** Do Not Display **Cookie Conundrums 
1Berlin PajunasCookie Conundrums 
1Ian TherouxBouncy Balls 
1Athena MeseckThe power of the poles - magnets and movement 
1Taylor MeltonDoes color affect taste? 
1Emma Del GuidiceDoes color affect taste? 
1** Do Not Display **Glass Harp and the sounds it makes 
1Ava DambrotDogs Accuracy of Catching Various Foods When Tossed 
1Teresa MisseyDogs Accuracy of Catching Various Foods When Tossed 
1Mikel SweetmanRockin' Rocks 
1Colin McLaughlin ErcoleAn Egg-cellent Experiment  
1** Do Not Display **Food Science 
1Haydn BensonChemical Reaction of Pennies in Different Types of Liquids 
1Ryan ClarkWhich food rots faster? 
1Drew HelmstetterThe Ultimate Cookie Dunk 
1Charlie RossMagnetism  
1Olivia GaleaBubble-ology 
1Connor LippinLiquid to Solid Puffy Sand 
1Lilly ReltonTime for your fruits  
1Cade CossmanRock Crystal Candy 
1Anthony GiacomazzaVolcanoes 
1Samantha EngleseWhat makes slime slimy? 
1Mackenzie GyselmanCan the Groundhog predict the weather? 
1Brayden LyonsHydraulics 
1Matthew StanleyTornado 
1** Do Not Display **Juice Balloons 
GradeStudent NameProject NameMedalRibbon
2Audrey MikosThe Magic of Static Electricity 
2Audrey VinceVortex Cannon 
2Addison LenneyVortex Cannon 
2Anne McBreenVortex Cannon 
2Vivian HaladyColorful Flowers and Stem System 
2Reese GoldschmidtColorful Flowers and Stem System 
2** Do Not Display **Rubber Band Shooting 
2Mark ChoExploring Phototropism  
2Colleen CapuzziBubble Trouble  
2Paige KendallBubble Trouble  
2Paige  GambutiBubble Trouble  
2Anabella AntonioGirl Power thru Play-Doh 
2Isabella AntonioGirl Power thru Play-Doh 
2Veronica CifuentesGirl Power thru Play-Doh 
2Marco MusolinoLEGO Racers 
2Luca ForteLEGO Racers 
2** Do Not Display **What makes Bath Bombs Fizz 
2Harper GiffinWhat makes Bath Bombs Fizz 
2Morgan AndrewsPinkalicious Marshmallow Volcano 
2Zoe HerrlingPinkalicious Marshmallow Volcano 
2Ishaan RanaThe 5-second rule: myth or reality? 
2Devan RanaThe 5-second rule: myth or reality? 
2Willow FehlingPutty Buddies 
2Charlotte ValenzPutty Buddies 
2Angela ClarkWhich food rots faster? 
2Faith D'AngeloDensity Jar 
2Chloe DownsThe One and Only Peeps 
2Riley AndrewsThe One and Only Peeps 
2Ava Van EttenThe One and Only Peeps 
2Jackson RodriguezMatter 
2Brynn HamiltonIs the Five Second Rule True?  
2Andrew MadinabeitiaMaking rainbows 
2Benjamin BlagoevMotors and generators 
2Cian ManningFreezing Fun 
2** Do Not Display **How Does Smell Affect Taste? 
2** Do Not Display **The ultimate tower test 
2Jonah EpsteinTRX4 vs. Axial Bomber Tug Of War Contest 
2Amelia RawsonHow do chicks breathe inside an eggshell? 
2Maggie MaciasTime for your fruits  
2Liam SwartsRacing Bristle Bots 
2Joseph FergusFlour power  
2Liam Wolfgang WoodFlour power  
2Charles WoodFlour power  
2Mallory HowellDoes smell really affect taste?  
2Riley  FleresRockets 
2Brody DragOil Spills 
2Dominic BrunoCandy Snap 
2Sabrina DuffyEarth?s volcano  
2Daniel SuzukiWhich Cup Best Prevents Ice From Melting? 
2** Do Not Display **Talking to rice