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Scientific Method (3-5)

Grades 3, 4 and 5  Scientific Method Outline

1st- Ask a question or Make an Observation:

What are you curious about, or what have you seen that makes you wonder?

2nd- Write a Hypothesis:

What do you think is the answer to your question or the reason for your observation?  Make Predictions, what are some if/then statements that explain and confirm your hypothesis?

3rd- Perform Tests or Experiments:

What will you do to test your predictions?  Your hypothesis may not have been correct.  That’s OK!

4th- Analyze Data and Record information:

How will you show what you have learned? Use charts/graphs to record all data.

5th- State your conclusions:

What did your experiment show?  Did the experiment confirm your hypothesis?


How does the information you found relate to everyday life?