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Judging Policy and Format

The purpose of the Chester School’s Science Fair is to provide an enjoyable and stimulating learning experience for all students. The competition is meant to be encouraging and motivating. In support of this objective, judges are asked to positively reinforce student efforts by sharing their experiences and exchanging ideas with the students participating.

  1. Projects for the lower grades (Grades K-2) will not be judged in competition. Judges are asked to spend time with these younger students reviewing and discussing their projects. All students in these grades will be provided with awards to reward their efforts and to encourage them to participate in future Fairs.

  2. Projects for Grades 3-8 are to be judged and evaluated based on the criteria outlined on the Scoring Sheets. There are separate score sheets for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8.

  3. A project done by a team of students will be judged at the highest grade level represented on that student team.

  4. Judges are expected, indeed required, to take into account a student's grade, experience and resources available when applying the judging criteria to a project.

  5. For projects in grades 3-8, judges will review projects working in teams of two or three. Each judge will be provided with a separate scoresheet for notes and comments. However, only one score sheet will be submitted by a judging team for each project evaluated. The score sheet will be made available to the students after the Fair to be used as a learning tool, if they so request.

  6. A degree of external guidance from teachers, parents or other resource experts is appropriate and encouraged. Such guidance should be appropriately identified.

Scores for student projects are not to be downgraded as a result of external guidance. Rather all projects are to be evaluated based on the depth of knowledge and understanding demonstrated by the students and displayed by their projects during the judges' review.