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The Scientific Method

More detailed information is available in the Scientific Method (K-2) and Scientific Method (6-8) menu choices. 

  You Made It - Science Fair Day!!
PRESENTATION: What do you want to tell the judges?
EXHIBIT: Prepare your display.
  Step 6 CONCLUSIONS: Analyze your results and draw conclusions.
  Step 5 RECORD & ANALYZE DATA: Organize results into numeric form that can be shown on a chart or graph.
  Step 4 PERFORM EXPERIMENT: design and carry out trials to test your hypothesis.
  Step 3 FORM A HYPOTHESIS: make a prediction (or guess) about what you think will happen.  This hypothesis will lead to a procedure for testing.
  Step 2 GATHER INFORMATION: Carry out library research, seek help from professionals.
Step 1 STATE THE PROBLEM: Choose your topics; narrow it down to a research question you want to answer.