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Welcome to the official site of the 41st (somewhat) Annual Chester Science Fair!

With hope, the 41st Annual Chester Science Fair may be held this coming year on March 18th!

Since our first Fair in 1980, Chester hosts one of the largest annual Science Fairs in NJ.

The Chester Science Fair is open to any K-8 student living in the Chesters, NJ.

Congratulations to all the young scientists! It was a GREAT day of Science!
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"It's not just the winner of the Super Bowl who deserves to be celebrated, but also the winner of the Science Fair."

President Obama, State of the Union speech, February 25, 2011


Fair Day 2019
by Anita M. Kurisko

‘Twas the day before the Science Fair and all through the town,
Every K-8 Scientist was wearing a frown.
Could this really be happening? Could there really be snow???

Could it cancel the Fair two years in a row??
The forecast says snow, but how hard will it hit?
If it ends in the morning, we delay just a bit?
If power is out, like it was last year,
A decision to cancel would be perfectly clear.
So the Fair planning team shifted to Red Alert:
Call exhibitors & judges, call Christina Van Woert!
We'll need plowing and salting - call Buildings and Grounds,
Drew will clear out the lots so no snow will be found.
By 8:30 pm, pre-Fair setup was done.
Arranging classrooms and signage is always such fun.
So we went home to wait and see what Mother Nature would do...
We'd awake in the morning, hoping the storm had moved through.
Morning came, and the town was all covered in white
But the opening of the Fair was a beautiful sight.
Students with project boards and models flowed into BRMS
The smiles on their faces make the day a success.
The excitement was palpable as everyone arrived-
Students practiced their speeches and with friends they high-fived.
Amazing volunteer bakers filled the cafe with sweets:
Wonderful cookies and cupcakes and science-themed treats.
The judges visited projects, their clipboards in hand
And students explained experiments, some small and some grand.
These moments capture the magic of the Chester Science Fair:
Our community gathered together and science everywhere.
Three more cheers for the Science Fair, and for scientific ambition!
It's great to take part in this Chester Tradition!

First Saturday in March
by Anita M. Kurisko

‘Twas a week before the Science Fair and all through the house
Not a project was finished; I was beginning to grouse.
The children were sprawled out upstairs on their beds
While tables of test data danced in their heads.
Their Scientific Method notes and guides to judges’ scores,
Their labbooks and pencils were all scattered on floors.
And down in the office, there’s another huge sprawl:
Colorful printouts and posters are spread wall to wall.
The computer has a virus, the printer’s out of ink…
I take a deep breath.  ”I need some perspective”, I think.
Children's science projects shouldn’t be viewed as a chore.
A science fair project teaches them quite a bit more.
They get better at science- at figuring things out.
They pick out fun topics to learn something about.
They challenge assumptions; they ask questions “Why?”
They learn to take data, and learn not to be shy.
They ask “Why does it do that?” and “What is the cause?”
“Which experiments work great?” and “Which ones have flaws?”
They learn Excel and some PowerPoint and they pick them up fast.
In fact, this year’s data analysis went smoother than last.
They learn to use cameras to document their work;
To work with partners as a team, and to not act like a jerk.
It’s all good experience: taking data, presenting results,
And defending their conclusions to interested adults.
Each year that they do it, they pull it together.
They present a solid project and hope for good weather.
The Fair is worth the time and effort, but I confess
That science and creativity often involve mess.
So three cheers for the Science Fair, and for scientific ambition!
It’s great to take part in this Chester Tradition!